By Georgia Ackerman

May 24, 2023–Riverkeeper Cameron Baxley and I joined a tour of Woodruff Dam in Chattahoochee today. The Riparian County Stakeholder Coalition (RCSC) coordinated a meeting with members of the Apalachicola Caucus of the ACF Stakeholders, Florida DEP staff, Northwest Florida Water Management District and other stakeholders of the Apalachicola River basin.

USACE staff provided a tour of the facility and shared an update on upcoming repairs to the locks and spillways on Woodruff Dam and two other dams in the ACF basin. Photo album here. 

The post-tour meeting was hosted by the City of Chattahoochee, in attendance were Georgia Ackerman and Cameron Baxley, Apalachicola Riverkeeper; Shannon Hartsfield, Franklin County seafood industry; Betty Webb, ACFS chair and Explore Northwest Florida; Ken Jones and Chad Taylor, RCSC;  Billy Jones, recreational dept City of Chattahoochee; Kristine Morris, Jenna Harper and Elizabeth Orr; FL DEP;  Evan Blythe, Apalachee Regional Planning Commission;  Paul Thurman, Northwest Florida Water Management District.

The meeting furthered discussions on mechanisms and actions needed for the effective management of the Apalachicola River Basin and its relationships to other stakeholders within the ACF Basin.

Following the meeting, Cameron collected water samples along the dock at Clyde Hopkins Park. This is part of our monthly water quality monitoring program.

Georgia Ackerman is Executive Director at Apalachicola Riverkeeper.

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