Defending Water in 2023

December 20, 2023–As we prepare to head full steam into 2024, we pause to reflect on 2023.

Twenty-five years ago, a group of people concerned about numerous threats facing the Apalachicola River and Bay, met to discuss what could be done to protect Florida’s one-of-a-kind Apalachicola River system for decades to come. On December 7, 1998, they hosted a community forum in Eastpoint, Florida. Twenty-five people attended and donated $610 to launch Apalachicola Bay and River Watch, an organization dedicated to the protection of the Apalachicola River and Bay. It became Apalachicola Riverkeeper in 1999.

Apalachicola Riverkeeper has continued the essential work of advocating on behalf of the Apalachicola River and Bay, since our founding in 1998, because of the steadfast support of people like you.  Thank you! 

Below are some 2023 highlights made possible with your gifts.

Tons of trash and debris was kept from reaching the water of the Apalachicola River Basin with the annual Coastal Clean-Up and multiple public boat ramp and park clean ups.

The Slough Restoration Project advanced at Douglas Slough, Spiders Cut and East River. The project will restore connectivity between the floodplain and river during times of low flow.

River Watch efforts and visual survey monitoring were maintained along with Water Quality Monitoring and microplastics sampling.

Education and outreach trips were conducted for students, community leaders, and others to foster a broader understanding of the connectivity of the Apalachicola River and Bay system.

The Katie Herzog Scholarship was awarded to two Franklin County high school students headed to college.

Eco-educational Outings were led throughout the Apalachicola River Basin with emphasis on ecology and regional history. 

We collaborated with Florida Waterkeepers to improve state water quality policies and to ensure drinkable, fishable, swimmable water for all Floridians.

The legal challenge to the USACE water control manual was maintained.  We remain active in our work with conservation allies and regional stakeholders on improving water management planning across the ACF Basin to reach equitable water sharing solutions.

Our 16th Annual RiverTrek public outreach and fundraising campaign was completed. This dedicated group of volunteers spent months working in their respective communities raising both funds and awareness for the protection of the Apalachicola River. We are so thankful for the many people, especially the support crew volunteers, who worked together to achieve this.

Thanks to  Apalachicola Riverkeeper’s members and supports, we remain actively committed to our mission, founded 25 years ago. We are grateful.

Please support our continued work in 2024 to protect and restore the Apalachicola River and Bay. Gift memberships are also a thoughtful way to recognize a loved one. Additionally, Apalachicola Riverkeeper can accept donations of appreciated stock and Qualified Charitable Distributions (QCDs) from investment and retirement accounts.  Please contact our office for more details.

Thank you again for your incredible support. We simply could not do this work without you. Let’s continue building on Apalachicola Riverkeeper’s 25 years of unwavering efforts to protect and restore Florida’s Apalachicola River and Bay. Wishing you all the best in 2024!

For the River and Bay,

Georgia Ackerman, Cameron Baxley, Dani Davis, and Susan Macken

ARK Staff at 25th Year Celebration

P.S. We hope to see you March 23, 2024, at Apalachicola Riverkeeper’s annual Member Meeting to continue celebrating 25 years of protecting the Apalachicola River and Bay.


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