25th Annual Membership Meeting

March 23, 2024 – Continuing our celebration of 25 years of speaking up for the Apalachicola River, Apalachicola Riverkeeper hosted the annual member meeting and dinner in Eastpoint. Nearly 80 members, including our steadfast board of directors, joined staff to recap the past year. Outgoing board president, David Hilton, kicked off the meeting by centering […]

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Teamwork in Tate’s Hell

By Cameron Baxley March 16, 2024-Apalachicola Riverkeeper combined forces with the Forest Service and the local community to come out for a  morning clean-up. Taking on the 212,000 acres of Tate’s Hell Forest is a tall order for a clean-up event, but we made a decent dent. The predominant hydrologic feature within the forest is

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Exploratory Oil and Gas Drilling in Apalachicola River Basin

Originally posted December 30, 2023 Updated April 4, 2024 Clearwater Land & Minerals submitted an application to the Florida Department of Environmental Protection (in Dec 2023) for a permit to drill an exploratory oil and gas well (at a site previously permitted to the Cholla Company*)  in Calhoun County. This drilling site is located in

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How Water Moves: A Simple Question with Complex Answers

Love Kumar is one of the researchers involved in Apalachicola Riverkeeper’s Slough Restoration Project. Love is an Environmental Engineer with a Masters in Environmental Engineering & Management. He is currently studying the hydrology and chemistry of sloughs along the Lower Apalachicola River in pursuit of his Ph.D. at the University of Florida. Love has been

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Monkey Breeding Facility Proposed in Bainbridge

January 23, 2024–A monkey-breeding facility has been proposed for Bainbridge, Georgia (Decatur County) in the Flint River Basin. The complex would eventually hold up to 30,000 long-tailed macaques that would be sold to universities and pharmaceutical companies for medical research. Bainbridge is located just north of Lake Seminole. Water consumption and  water quality impacts from

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Defending Water in 2023

December 20, 2023–As we prepare to head full steam into 2024, we pause to reflect on 2023. Twenty-five years ago, a group of people concerned about numerous threats facing the Apalachicola River and Bay, met to discuss what could be done to protect Florida’s one-of-a-kind Apalachicola River system for decades to come. On December 7,

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Big Cheers to 25 Years!

Big Cheers to 25 Years of Protecting the Apalachicola River, Floodplain, and Bay! December 3, 2023- It was equal parts birthday party and anniversary celebration with a dash of holiday cheer at the Apalachicola Yacht Club where members and supporters of Apalachicola Riverkeeper gathered to commemorate 25 years since the founding of the independent organization

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UPDATE: SGI Landings Proposal

March 12, 2024-The Landing at St. George Island On March 5, 2024 the Franklin County Board of County Commissioners conducted a public workshop to discuss The Landing at St. George Island, FL located at 41 West Bayshore Drive, St. George Island, FL. Many residents addressed the Board with questions, voicing concern and opposition. Riverkeeper Cameron

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Graham Creek

Graham Creek: A Nonbinary Paddle By Chris Watkins Graham Creek is a mystical place, running through a tupelo-cypress swamp, lined on all sides by wide-based, twisting and knobby trees that remind one of long, warty witches’ noses. The black, tannic tupelo tea of the stream has almost no perceptible current, so the paddle strokes of

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