By Ada Long

Many thanks to the 30 volunteers that turned out on a sweltering day to clean up St. George Island after a rowdy July 4th holiday. Volunteers included Jon Paul Loesch, Affordable Island Maintenance, Natasha Loesch, Autumn Loesch, Hailey Loesch, Bob Pruitt, Mason Bean, Terri and Steve Denard, Val, Steve, and Brook Tyll, Dan and Deborah McClellan, Eline Rosenthal, Lisa and Kenneth Womack, Cameron Baxley, Kay and Greg Leach, Chris Jensen, Jo Pearman, Ana Anthius, Chuck and Kathy Lombardo, Donna Price, Mike Price, Mitch Thomas, Mary Anne McGuire and Ed Levine and Ada Long.

I’m estimating that they collected over 50 bags of trash. Lisa and Kenneth Womack get special commendation for bagging up all the fireworks detritus in front of the Blue Parrot, and thanks to photographer extraordinaire Jo Pearman—as well as Natastaha Loesch, Terri Denard, and Mary Anne McGuire—for their photographs.

The island is looking good again thanks to these generous volunteers, with special thanks to indispensable volunteer JP Loesch of Affordable Island Maintenance for collecting and disposing of all the bags as well as helping with the sign-in, a Loesch family effort.

Ada Long lives on St George Island. She coordinates the volunteer SGI Trash Patrol and the annual Coastal Clean Up. 



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