Apalachicola Riverkeeper is dedicated to the protection, restoration, and stewardship of the Apalachicola River and Apalachicola Bay. We are often the only line of defense against environmental degradation of the River and Bay, advocating at the grassroots level, with state legislators and regulators, in the courts, and in the halls of Congress.

Collaboration is a cornerstone of much of our work and we are active members is numerous conservation efforts. Here are a few of the groups we are presently active with: Apalachicola Chattahoochee Flint Stakeholders, Apalachicola Bay System Initiative, Gulf-Atlantic Waterkeepers, Florida Waterkeepers, Riparian County Stakeholder Coalition, Florida Water Quality Working Group and the Water Protection Network.

Since 1998, Apalachicola Riverkeeper has remained unwavering in its mission. By working together, we can protect and restore what we love.

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