Monkey Breeding Facility Proposed in Bainbridge

January 23, 2024–A monkey-breeding facility has been proposed for Bainbridge, Georgia (Decatur County) in the Flint River Basin. The complex would eventually hold up to 30,000 long-tailed macaques that would be sold to universities and pharmaceutical companies for medical research. Bainbridge is located just north of Lake Seminole. Water consumption and  water quality impacts from facility wastewater, including biological water, are a significant concern.

Apalachicola Riverkeeper will share information and updates from Flint Riverkeeper in effort to create broad community awareness about the project. There is significant opposition to this facility throughout the A-C-F Basin.

News story, post Decatur BOCC meeting Jan 23.

News story, USA Today, Jan 28

Small Town Unites to Fight Common Enemy

Updates from PETA with contact list

No Monkey Breeding in Bainbridge, GA Facebook Group

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