Stories from the Apalachicola

Watch Stories from the Apalachicola: An Endangered River. This short documentary produced by FSU Digital Media students is a partnership of Apalachicola Riverkeeper, FSU College of Communication & Information and WFSU Public Media. It was funded by the Florida Humanities Council. Please share broadly.

The Apalachicola River Project, was an interdisciplinary effort of students and faculty from Florida State University in partnership with Apalachicola Riverkeeper and other conservation and environmental partners resulting in renewed attention to the Apalachicola River and Bay system.  More than 125 undergraduate students spent a semester learning about the challenges facing the Apalachicola River and Bay. The project included students from multiple departments, including Digital Media Production; Media and Communication Studies; English; and Environmental Science and Policy. Additionally, the digital media and social media students produced blogs, photos, and videos.

Special thanks to Dr. Andy Opel, School of Communications, for spearheading this project. Here are a few of the short videos and a news summary. The short film productions by the students led to the longer documentary.

Apalachicola River – Introduction

This short video provides an overview of the complex forces stressing this river basin’s ecosystem.

Tommy Ward and the Decline of the Oysters

Longtime Apalachicola Bay oyster man and business owner Tommy Ward provides an intimate look at the human impacts of declining ecosystem.

The Politics of the Water Wars

This video unpacks the ongoing water war between Georgia and Florida, detailing the political aspects of the struggle.

Biodiversity and the Apalachicola River Basin Hotspot

One of five major biological hotspots in the U.S., the Apalachicola River Basin is critical habitat for an amazing range of plants and animals.

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