Visual surveys are core to “river keeping.” Waterkeepers across the word, including Apalachicola Riverkeeper, spend routine time on the rivers, lakes, streams, floodplains and land of their respective watersheds. During a September boating trip of St. George Sound near the east end of St. George Island, pods of dolphins were numerous. The dolphins appeared to be hunting moon jellies which were abundant. Dolphins are carnivores, eating a variety of fish, squid, shrimps, jellyfish and octopuses. Suffice to say, all in the motorboat that day were entertained by the playful antics of the dolphins.

Enjoy this dolphin photo album from volunteer Cole Zelznak.

Did you know there are over 350 Waterkeeper Alliance groups worldwide?


By Georgia Ackerman, Riverkeeper and Executive Director at Apalachicola Riverkeeper




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