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In our April e-news we reminded recipients that we care about water; we care about communities; we care about you! We’re all in this together. We hope you are coping as well as possible during this unprecedented time. Our office at Scipio Creek is open by appointment, so please continue to call or email as needed. We sincerely look forward to seeing you when the time is right.

In last week’s virtual staff meeting the Apalachicola Riverkeeper team shared our favorite “nature balm,” as we continue our work to protect the Apalachicola River and Bay during the pandemic. Drop us a line and let us know one of your favorite nature balms. We like hearing from you!

Georgia Ackerman

Sunrise in the pines, Georgia Ackerman

At first light, Janeway and I follow animal tracks on fire roads through a favorite wildlife management area—turkey, opossum, raccoon, snake and bear markings are the ones I recognize quickly. With nose-down, silly Jane enthusiastically leads the way until she’s easily distracted by an insect or wind rustling the trees. The sunrise coloring the fragrant pinewoods reminds me each day is a new one.

Doug Alderson

I am fortunate to live in a largely forested area dotted with sinkholes, so walking my neighborhood’s unpaved roads and trails after dinner is the perfect nature balm. My daughter and I are having fun taking more photos of migratory birds than we ever have, and we are also developing a good library of spring wildflower photos. We have also put in our best spring garden in years.

Cheyenne Alderson walks her neighborhood, Doug Alderson

Diane Hines

Backyard blooms, Diane Hines

For me, this has been an opportunity to slow down and appreciate my own backyard.  It is a joy to work in the garden, plant flowers and watch them grow!  When sitting outside, I feel the breezes like never before, and nature’s balm falls over me.

Susan Macken

During our sheltering in place, the pups and I take a long morning walk along the bay and then into the woods. Along the water we spot pods of dolphins feeding, pelicans diving, and a solitary crabber checking his pots. Once in the woods, we are surrounded by a chorus of bird songs and calls – towhees, woodpeckers, cardinals, mockingbirds, and warblers.

Bay beauty, Susan Macken

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