Sweet Afternoon in Tallahassee

June 2, 2024-Thank you Tallahassee area members and supporters! We sure enjoying hanging out with you at this sweet summer tradition. The Ice Cream Social under the live oak trees at Goodwood Museum offers a relaxing setting to catch up with supporters and members, especially with live music from Two Guys and Guitars. Thank you Craig and Fred!

Many members of the RiverTrek 2024 Team were in attendance at the event. Executive Director Susan Anderson welcomed everyone and shared the good news on this year’s scholarship recipient. Georgia Ackerman followed by introducing the RiverTrek kayaking volunteers. They each shared a reason for joining this year’s campaign. Riverkeeper Cameron Baxley highlighted several updates on ecological threat being monitored, such as oil drilling and marina/resort complex. She also shared milestones on the slough restoration project.

Thank you to the volunteers that made this day a seamless success by pitching in wherever needed, Doug Alderson, Diane Alix, Christopher Bischoff, Enid Ehrbar, Diane Hines, Tom Herzog, Katie McCormick, Roy Stanley, Chris Watkins, and Rick Zelznak. We appreciate you.  Also a big thank you to all the sweet people who provided ice cream toppings!   

Here’s the PHOTO ALBUM from the day.




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