Meet our Riverkeeper, Cameron Baxley!

Cameron Baxley, Dan Tonsmeire, Georgia Ackerman

Join us in a loud round of welcoming applause to the newest Apalachicola Riverkeeper Cameron Baxley, who is succeeding Georgia Ackerman.  Cameron has served as Director of Outreach for the past year at Apalachicola Riverkeeper*, strengthening community education partnerships and boosting eco-educational outings. She also shined in her first RiverTrek campaign, recruiting and preparing volunteers for both the community awareness events and the 100+ mile kayaking journey.

Cameron was born and raised in Montgomery, Alabama. She grew up tromping around in the Mobile-Tensaw Delta and found her first love, water. Determined to somehow transition a fervent hobby into a career, Cameron moved to Charleston, SC to pursue a Marine Biology degree. For nearly two decades, Cameron ran the professional gamut of working in the academic, private and government sectors as a scientist. She says, “It is with sincere gratitude and earnest anticipation that I step into the role of Riverkeeper at Apalachicola Riverkeeper.”

Cameron explains, “Years ago, when I first moved to Apalachicola to work as a scallop biologist with FWC, I noticed a trend of nearly everyone I became friends with had volunteered their time with Apalachicola Riverkeeper. So, I began volunteering. And serendipitously I discovered Apalachicola Riverkeeper’s goals and my goals are aligned: to create a strong, cohesive network of stewards to protect and restore the Apalachicola River and Bay.”

Georgia Ackerman, who joined the staff in 2017 as Riverkeeper and Executive Director, will continue in the role of Executive Director.  Cameron and Georgia will be working together over the next few months to ensure a seamless transition.

Georgia said, “Cameron is an enthusiastic, skilled problem solver. Over the past year, she excelled in her job and we’re all quite excited for Cameron to jump into the Riverkeeper role. I look forward to our continued work together.”

Dodie Alber, past-board president added, “I’m thrilled that Cameron Baxley will be our new Riverkeeper. Her training and experience as a marine biologist lend a solid foundation to her deep commitment to protecting and restoring the Apalachicola River, Bay and its floodplain. Cameron is knowledgeable, friendly, community minded, hard-working, down to earth, and smart—all characteristics that will contribute to good leadership and river stewardship. We are fortunate to welcome her as our Apalachicola Riverkeeper.”

Cameron can be reached at [email protected] 

Dodie Alber and Cameron Baxley, Apalachicola Bay
Kim Miller, Georgia Ackerman, Greg Krivonak, Cameron Baxley,  John Alber, Tom Herzog
Cameron Baxley, Owl Creek

*Apalachicola Riverkeeper is both name of the organization and a job title. Cameron is the Apalachicola Riverkeeper. Our organization Apalachicola Riverkeeper, part of the international Waterkeeper Alliance and Waterkeepers Florida, was founded in 1998 by volunteers committed to protecting and restoring the Apalachicola River, its floodplain and the Apalachicola Bay. 

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