May 5, 2022–River Patrol of the Apalachicola River and floodplain, where we conduct visual surveys, is a core Riverkeeper program. Spending dedicated time on or near the river (and its many creeks) is always time well spent. Frequently, visual survey work is combined with our water quality sampling. Any time we’re on the river or bay, we’re actively checking various conditions.


Dredge operations by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) are being conducted at Eastpoint and Two-Mile channels in the  Apalachicola Bay. Subcontractors, overseen by USACE typically do the dredging work of the navigation channels.  During today’s boating trip near Apalachicola, multiple barges with equipment (such as dredging pipes) were observed anchored between the Apalachicola bridge and Abercrombie Landing. It appeared to be a staging and storage areas for USACE operations in the Apalachicola Bay. (We also see this during dredging operations between Apalachicola and Port St. Joe).

An anchor, several dredging pipes and vessels were encroaching on the marsh, impacting aquatic habitat. Photos and videos were taken of the areas. USACE was contacted bringing attention to the potential permit violation. The matter was met by prompt  attention from the USACE with all equipment moved out away from the marsh and grasses by the subcontractors.

Interested in volunteering for River Patrol? Contact Georgia Ackerman.


Georgia Ackerman is Riverkeeper and Executive Director at Apalachicola Riverkeeper. She can be reached at [email protected]

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