2022 RiverTrek Support Crew

November 3, 2022 –

Apalachiola Riverkeeper’s annual RiverTrek campaign is a sizable endeavor. It begins with the Apalachicola Riverkeeper staff organizing trip logistics and selecting the RiverTrek paddlers, who apply for the team. Next the paddlers launch their fundraising and awareness-raising activities (months prior to the actual journey). They continually meet to discuss RiverTrek trip details. Finally, when the paddlers begin their multi-day journey down the Apalachicola, a support crew makes sure the final pieces of the trip run smoothly. RiverTrek would not happen without the many hands of a strong support crew in place.

THANK YOU to the RiverTrek Support Crew volunteers that provided snacks and refreshments, cooked delectable meals, ran safety boat support, shuttled gear, showed up with ice and water, provided educational talks, performed music entertainment and offered encouragement all along the way. The 2022 RiverTrek kayak volunteers truly appreciate you!

We’re especially appreciative of our guest speakers who met up with us on the river for interpretive talks. Thank you all.  Here’s a gallery of RiverTrek photos.

Guest Speakers

Dale Cox

Michael Hill

Deb Bur

Pierson Hill

Kim Sash

Support Crew

David Hilton

Rick Zelznak & Janie Dog

Mary Balthrop

Dodie Alber

John Miller

Diane Hines

Susan Macken

Mike Mendez

Yvonne Gsteiger

Elizabeth Swiman

Zoe Cross

Roy Ogles

Jeff Smith

Cait Synder

Lynn Wilder

Katie McCormick

The Sticky String Band — Chris Matechik, Sticky Morrison, Bronwyn Chelette


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