Apalachicola Riverkeeper is hiring.

January 18, 2023-

     Apalachicola Riverkeeper is currently recruiting a mission-driven leader to serve as Executive Director, overseeing the independent non-profit organization that has been standing up and speaking up for the Apalachicola River and Bay since 1998. Our team is dedicated, lean and mighty. (Meet our staff here). Our board of directors is active and supportive. Our program volunteers and members are steadfast and dependable. This is an incredible team of people to work with!
     The Apalachicola River is Florida’s largest river in volume of flow, supporting the estuary of Apalachicola Bay. It is the 3rd largest river in flow to the eastern Gulf of Mexico. The Apalachicola River Basin is internationally recognized for its biodiversity of plants and animals, some found nowhere else on the planet. In short, it’s a remarkable region.
     Come spend a day on the Apalachicola River and just try not to fall in love with it. . . it can’t be done! The Executive Director is an integral part of this team working to to protect and restore the Apalachicola River, its vast floodplain, and the Apalachicola Bay.
     Here is the Executive Director job description. To apply, submit a resume and cover letter to [email protected]
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