February 10, 2023

Apalachicola Riverkeeper is celebrating our 25th anniversary later this year. And, we are growing! The positions of Riverkeeper and Executive Director will become two separate roles this year.  Currently, we are recruiting an Apalachicola Riverkeeper, who will continue to serve as a voice for north Florida’s Apalachicola River, its floodplain, and the Apalachicola Bay. Georgia Ackerman will continue in the role of Executive Director.
As you know the Apalachicola River is Florida’s largest river in volume of flow and its floodplain is the largest forested floodplain in our state.  It’s a biodiverse, dynamic, one-of-a-kind system—  vast and beautiful.  The entire team at Apalachicola Riverkeeper will continue our steadfast work to to protect and restore it for decades to come.
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