Our Riverkeeper

Dan Tonsmeire

Dan Tonsmeire

Dan Tonsmeire has served as Riverkeeper since 2004. Dan is passionately committed to saving not only the Apalachicola River, which is truly an American treasure, but to protecting and restoring the Apalachicola Bay, one of the last great estuaries left in America.

Previously, Dan served as principal coordinator for the development and implementation of the Northwest Florida Surface Water Improvement and Management (SWIM) program for the Northwest Florida Water Management District.

Before that, he was the resident manager of a 1,250-acre Wilderness Preserve on Dog Island, Florida where he facilitated and coordinated research and program development for The Nature Conservancy.

Dan has also been a backcountry guide in Idaho, a commercial fisherman in Alaska, and the owner/operator of a small marine construction company in Alabama and Florida. He graduated from Auburn University with a degree in Civil Engineering and currently holds a United States Coast Guard Ocean Operator’s license and a Florida Real Estate license.