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The last unspoiled stretch of US coastline where wild oysters are still harvested by hand could soon be gone forever! Without you, this national treasure – and way of life for an entire community – may not survive. Alongside our members and supporters, Apalachicola Riverkeeper is working to focus the attention of the public and our political leaders on the importance of saving this unique resource. We must work together to craft practical and sustainable solutions.

For too long, the River’s flow has been reduced by extreme drought conditions and unfettered withdrawals upstream, to the great detriment of the Floodplain and the Bay, and the people whose lives and livelihoods depend upon them. Today, because of storm impacts and other events both natural and man-made, the situation is worse than ever before. The oysters are dying, and the hand-held tongs come up empty far too often. The health of the local economy and the local community depend upon the health of the Apalachicola River. Those who rely on this fragile estuary’s bounty now struggle to feed their families. Many hard-working families are at risk for losing their homes.

This River and Bay is the last ecosystem of its kind… anywhere, making this so much more than “a local issue”. As a National resource, the Apalachicola Basin is an ecological and cultural treasure of unmatched productivity in the northern hemisphere.

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Become a member today. Through your annual membership contribution, you help Apalachicola Riverkeeper continue to build partnerships and develop collaborative solutions to the threats to the River and Bay. Just as you count on this spectacular ecosystem to be preserved for your children and grandchildren, we count on dedicated individuals like you to become a member of Apalachicola Riverkeeper. We are the only organization whose sole mission is the restore, protect and preserve this spectacular resource.

Help us save the Last Great Bay!

Cypress Tree

Cypress by Rob Diaz de Villegas