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Most Endangered Rivers 2016
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Apalachicola Riverkeeper Dan Tonsmeire, along with national and state leaders respond to the Apalachicola-Chattahoochee-Flint River(s) designation as “Most Endangered River”
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Former Florida Governor and U.S. Senator Bob Graham:
“The Apalachicola River may be the most important river in the United States that most Americans are not familiar with. The Apalachicola played a significant role in the history of the South and nourishes the Apalachicola Bay, one of the world’s most productive estuaries. This estuary, and the special economy and way of life that it supports, is dependent upon a sustained flow of fresh water from the river mixing with the salt waters of the Gulf of Mexico. Tragically, in recent years, the mismanagement of the Apalachicola‐Flint‐Chattahoochee Basin has led to the collapse of this vital environmental and economic resource.

American Rivers is an important advocate for the role that rivers play in the ecological diversity of America. The Apalachicola River could not be a more appropriate choice on
which to focus the nation’s attention on the need to protect America’s rivers.”
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Apalachicola Riverkeeper is a 501(c)3 non-profit dedicated to the restoration and protection of the Apalachicola River and Bay. Our sole mission is to preserve this spectacular natural resource for future generations.

The Apalachicola River basin is renowned as one of the most ecologically diverse natural areas in the Southeastern United States. Apalachicola Riverkeeper is working to save the River and Bay with every tool at our disposal – advocacy, science, on-the-water patrols, public education and, when necessary, legal action.

We are committed to saving this resource now, because we know that without protection, this beautiful natural area could disappear. Our strength as a grassroots advocacy organization committed to protecting the River and Bay comes from the support of our members living throughout the 19,800 square mile Apalachicola River basin and around the country. Along with our members, Apalachicola Riverkeeper is the River’s “voice”. Our action is critical to focus public and political attention on the importance of saving this one-of-a-kind resource.

We believe that everyone has a shared responsibility to protect our natural world: to use only what we need, make smarter choices, and pass on to future generations the beauty, wildlife, water and natural resources we have today.

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